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Fredericka Jones began her career in the restaurant business at the age of 14. Her first job was as a Cashier at Arby's in Greenville, South Carolina. Within a short period of time, and upon graduating from high school, Fredericka was promoted to Shift Manager.

While attending South Carolina State, Fredericka continued to work at Arby's as a Shift Manager during the summers. After graduating college in 1989, with a bachelor of art's degree in Business Administration, Fredericka was promoted to Assistant Store Manager. Shortly thereafter, Fredericka was promoted to Store Manager, a position she held until she decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. Once in Atlanta, Fredericka became the Store Manager for a privately owned Arby's until 2002.

In 2002, Fredericka went to work for Taco Bell in Atlanta as an Assistant Store Manager. A short time later, Fredericka was offered her own store to manage. She was given a store that no one else wanted to manage, because it was considered the problem store. In less than 1 year, Fredericka was able to get that store into tip top shape. It became one of Taco Bell's best stores under her management. In 2003, Fredericka was promoted to opening Store Manager. While in this position, Fredericka was able to get 3 new stores successfully up and running within record time. In 2008, Fredericka decided to leave Taco Bell to go to work for Cotton Enterprises as a Store Manager. After a short period of time with them, she was promoted to Regional Director.

Fredericka has been recognized for her restaurant managerial and operations skills. In 2010, she was awarded the Miller Tap Award for Sports Bar of the Year. And, in 2011, Rolling Out Magazine bestowed her with the Restaurant of the Year award. Fredericka opened her first restaurant in March of 2013, The Tavern @ Campbellton Road. Her long term goal is to help other minority business women operate successful businesses.

Fredericka was born, and raised in Greenville, South Carolina and she has a 21 year old daughter, named Amber. Fredericka community involvements are the following

Assisted with Community food drives

Feed kids that lived to hotels during the Pandemic

Assisted 2x per month at a Women's transitional home

Volunteered to feed all Teachers during the teachers week